Homebrew technology: Electronics out of play dough

 作者:达蚜隋     |      日期:2017-07-22 01:01:00
By Catherine de Lange Read more: Homebrew technology: Imagination hacking With a name like Squishy Circuits, it was clearly invented with kids in mind – but that didn’t stop this novel method of DIY circuitry from being a hit with adults at Maker Faire too. By using a unique play dough, electronic circuits can be made without fiddly tools like a soldering iron or a breadboard. Circuits can also be moulded into just about any shape, which allows for inventive designs like a smiley face or a pig (see video above for ideas). And if you don’t like it, you can always scrunch up your creation and start again. To make a squishy circuit, you’ll need to make two types of dough – one conducting and one insulating. Most play dough does conduct, but by variable amounts, so Samuel Johnson and AnnMarie Thomas at the University of St Thomas, Minnesota, decided to invent their own recipes, including one for a unique dough that insulates to prevent short circuits. Unlike normal play dough, the two types won’t mix together when they come into contact, meaning they retain their respective resistances. To make your own squishy circuit you will need: Conductive dough           Insulating dough            For the circuits          Full instructions on how to make both types of dough are here. More on these topics: